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If you need to contact us, the best way to do it is through text at our main number 281 242 1177; you can also email us at info@groovemusicschool. Text is preferred as it leaves a clear history of our exchanges. This is the best way to contact us for make ups and general questions. If you’d like to ask a question directly to your teacher, you can do so through a direct message in teacherzone (see more about teacher zone below).


Tuition Payments

groove music school operates on a monthly system. Monthly tuition is $120.00 ($110 for additional lessons) and we collect for lessons in advance (on the 24th of the month, unless requested otherwise). There is a $30 registration fee per family. If a student/family leaves the school for more than 2 months, they will be subject to a registration fee upon their return.

Payments received after the 3rd of the month will be considered late and subject to a $10.00 late fee. If payment is not received by the second class of the month, the student will not be allowed to take their class.



Make Ups

We allow students to do makeups for missed lessons under the following conditions:

    1. We must receive notice of the absence 24 hours ahead of time (or early in the morning in case of illness). If you call within 2 hours of your class, we appreciate you letting us know, but please don’t ask for a make up as we will not be able to accommodate.

    2. If you have a make up pending scheduling (what our system calls a banked lesson), we cannot hold another make up. Only one make up can be held at a time (if you miss 2 weeks in a row and you did not schedule a make up for the first week, it will be automatically forfeited with the second absence).

    3. While we make every effort to accommodate make ups, our official policy is to allow one make up per 3 month period. This policy can and will be implemented as soon as a teacher’s schedule is full.


Daily Practice

While we make every effort to provide our students with the best training during their lessons, most of the work is done at home where the student practices regularly. Daily practice is the only way to progress in musical endeavors and we recommend each student practice as much as they can. While 15-20 minutes per day is the minimum, the more time a student devotes to daily practice, the faster his/her progress will be. While we make every effort to motivate the children, we highly recommend you encourage a daily practice routine and encourage your children to listen to as much of a variety of music as possible.


Instrument Purchases

Many parents and new students have questions about what instrument they should get. We sell some guitars at our school because we know them to be priced fairly and we know they last. If you’d like to purchase your instrument outside of the school, we do recommend that you discuss your purchase with your teacher ahead of time. Some entry level instruments are often more trouble than they’re worth and often times unusable. We do have some recommendations and minimal requirements, please discuss with your teacher.


Holidays and Vacation

groove music school is open Monday-Saturday with the exception of the following holidays:

New Year’s day


Memorial Day

July 4th

Labor Day


Week of spring break for FBISD

Week of Thanksgiving

Between December 25-January 2 


There are no makeups for holidays (likewise, there is no additional fee for months with 5 weeks).


Summer schedules

We understand many of our students travel in the summer and for this reason for we have implements some practices to facilitate this. 

During the summer moths (June, July, August) we will prorate if a student would like to do a partial month.

If a student is traveling and would like to save their spot with a teacher, we offer the option of prepaying for that month to hold it (so if you will be out June and July, but would like to return to our spot/teacher in August, you would pay at the end of June, but the payment would apply to August and there would not be a payment for July).

Unless a student prepaid to hold their spot, If a student leaves the school for more than 2 months in the summer and then returns, they are subject to a $30.00 re-registration fee.

We use as our scheduling, billing and teaching platform. All registered  students and parents get an account. To access your account please go to and your log in will be your first and last names without a space and the password will be password. Both students and parents get an account upon registration. In teacherzone you can check your scheduled times, cancel a future lesson, check/update your billing information, etc. As a student, teacherzone allows for communication with the teacher through a chat feature, allows for teachers to upload documents and other materials, for students to mark and time their practices, etc. 

Teacherzone also sends reminders of upcoming lessons and notices when a teacher has assigned a new practice. You can access and edit these preferences when you log in to Teacherzone

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